ELECTRONIC DRILLING RECORDER (EDR) was developed to fulfill high requirements of the oil and gas industry.

With a customized set of a wide array of sensors, the EDR is modular and scalable from small workover units to advanced triple rigs. It monitors and advises the drilling process on-site and remotely. User-friendly driller console together with an advisory system allows drillers to concentrate on the most important tasks of the drilling process, leaving the rest to the EDR.   

By recording and transmitting data to the CYBERLOOP cloud, the EDR provides our clients significantly better control over the drilling process in real-time from anywhere in the world and as a result, improves decision making which allows reduced NPT and to target best in class performance. 

The system can be extended with various applications such as remote directional drilling to achieve the next level of efficiency in the drilling process while simultaneously improving safety.    


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